Semi-buried container Lasso is available in 5m3, 3m3 and 1,3m3 capacity. With its high waste storage capacity and fast collection, operating cost is very low for this product. Freshness in the ground reduces proliferation of bacteria to keep the container odourless. By creating a natural compaction with its bin installed vertically, the container Lasso have a higher storage capacity than the other regular waste container.



Lasso containers are designed to blend harmoniously into the urban environment while ensuring the security of all users. During the collection, an operator will be standing near the containers to ensure the well-going of the process. Height of the part outside the ground complies with current regulations. Lasso containers are also easy to use for persons with reduced mobility.



Semi-buried container Lasso offers a new and better aesthetic in waste and recycling management as well as in clothing collection. Our selection of different colors and materials for covering allows you to choose the perfect fit for your environment. Custom covering is also a great way to personalize your semi-buried container Lasso.



Collection by lifting crane is way faster than traditional methods. The whole process takes no longer than 3 minutes.



From its round conception, the bin installed vertically allows natural waste compaction. This offer a higher storage capacity than the other regular waste containers.




The Lasso semi-buried container is accessible in both summer and winter as the main bin stays anchored in the ground after its installation, only the lid and the bag are lifted. In winter, there is no need to shovel snow neither. Perfectly suitable for Canadian climate.




The Lasso semi-buried container is renowned to be odourless. Indeed, freshness in the ground reduces proliferation of bacteria while minimizing malodour. Furthermore, the natural waste compaction decreases the air volume in the bin.




During the collection, only the lid and the bag are lifted. To prevent residue from dropping on the lid, the lifting bag is emptied directly above the truck. Waste is also released from the bottom of the bag, keeping them clean.